CBS confirms Twitter accounts hacked across news network

In the light of recent events, CBS has confirmed that a few of the company’s Twitter accounts have been comprised.
The hack occurred earlier today, the compromised accounts include 48 Hours, 60 Minutes and several of the Denver affiliate accounts. The exact details of the hackers are unknown though a group calling themselves “Syrian Electronic Army,” is the most popular group being identified at this time as the possible hackers. The hacked Twitter accounts put out several Syrian-based messages including, “new evidence of CIA arming Al Qaeda terrorists in #Syria,”. 48 Hours’ Twitter account later read, “Our #48hours account has been compromised. We are working with Twitter to resolve the issue”.
CBS later put out the statement on Twitter stating, “We have experienced problems on Twitter accounts of #60Minutes & @48Hours; We apologize for the inconvenience; Twitter is resolving issues”.

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