Water filters were all the rage when Brita introduced their own ‘home use’ filtrations systems. Now there’s a video online showing what an OKO water-filter can really do.
Since the market ‘flooded’ with water-systems after Brita filtrations systems became popular, you can get all sorts of filters for sinks, bottles, cups and canteens. The video above is quickly making it’s way across the web, and for good reason. The bottle-top filtration system is so efficient, that it can separate water from a Coca-Cola. Similar videos of what an OKO can do have been on the web before, but something about the Coca-Cola really hit home with Americans this time.
OKO even has a website that tells you water quality around the world, a handy trip if you ever travel to a far away land. Ask anyone that has had a bad trip because of sickness and they will suggest something like this chart should be the background of your phone while you are away.
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