BBC America and Twitter will join forces to bring branded videos and clips from the network’s leading series straight to Twitter users.
In a message on Twitter BBC America stated, “@Twitter and @BBCAmerica, home of #DoctorWho & #TopGear, ink deal to offer 1st in-Tweet branded video synced to entertainment TV series”.
Twitter has worked with broadcasters in the past to bring video-clips, mostly sports related at this point, to its users. Intant replays, top scoring moments and penalties were a big hit with March Madness this year. Twitter partnered with Turner Broadcasting for the rights to distribute the video-content on its service.
It was one of the new ways that Twitter plans to monazite the company’s social-service. Twitter would allow ads to play alongside the clips, and then Twitter itself promoted the videos so they woud reach a larger audience.
Fans of the BBC can expect previews, recaps, interviews or behind-the-scenes footage popping up in their Twitter feed in the near future.