HTC One pops up on T-Mobile site, in-store buyers have a few more days

For those of you that are eagerly awaiting the chance to pick up the new HTC One through T-Mobile, the site finally has been updated with the device ready for sale.
The HTC One is available to be purchased through the T-Mobile website below, but if you would rather wait until you can walk into an actual store, then you will have to wait until April 24, 2013. Also launching that day, is the Samsung Galaxy S4. A hard choice for anyone to have to make, but if you do wait, you can compair the two devices side-by-side since they share a launch day.
Pricing for the HTC One stands at $100 using the installment plan and paying 24 monthly payments of $20 also mentioned is that “well-qualified T-Mobile customers” pay “0% APR O.A.C”. That is with the T-Mobile installment plan, or it will be $580 at full retail.
more info: T-Mobile

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