Bethesda announces ‘The Evil Within’, here’s the first trailer

After a few teasing Vine videos this week, Bethesda has finally announced “The Evil Within”. This will be Bethesda’s latest title, after publishing Dishonored.
The new game comes with a new trailer (shown below). Originally called “Project Zwei” the actual title for the game is “The Evil Within “. The trailer shows a dark and sinister setting for the upcoming game. Featuring live-action characters (no gameplay unfortunately) the game gives off impression that players will be tackling some mutated, and somewhat modified humans and creatures. The setting seams to be an abandoned mental-hospital or perhaps a former prison.In any case the setting, the monsters and tone of the game screams survival-horror. More details are expected about the game over the coming months.

The game will launch on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and “next generation consoles” in 2014.

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