Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green join Seth MacFarlane’s comedy series ‘Dads’

As it stands right now, Giovanni Ribisi is set to replace Tommy Dewey as the co-star of the upcoming Fox comedy series ‘Dads’.
Giovanni Ribisi has been picked to replace Dewey in the series, which is set to premier on FOX this upcoming pilot season. The comedy is from Seth MacFarlane who will bring Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi back to the small screen, the series is being written by the writers of ‘Ted’ (Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild). MacFarlane will be the series’ executive producer.
The show will follow two young, successful guys (Seth Green and Ribisi) who are in their 30s who are forced to live with their dads. Ribisi will play as the co-owner of a successful video-game company who has a wife and children. The role of Robisi’s father will played by Martin Mull.

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