New Star Wars film expected every summer starting in 2015

Star Wars fans now have a special event planned for 4 more years at least, starting in 2015 with the next addition to the Star Wars franchise.
It was confirmed at CinemaCon this year that a new Star Wars installment will be released as a summer blockbuster ever year, for possibly 6 years. This means that Star Wars: Episode VII is only two years away. Now the stand-alone films will be released in between the series films. So to paint that picture for you (Episode VII 2015) then a stand-alone film, (Episode VIII 2017), and so on until (Episode IX) in 2019.
There is very little news about what the stand-alone films will be at this point. As of right now they will follow a very specific character in the Star Wars universe. These films will debut in 2016, 2018, and 2020 if the model stays in place. Frontrunners for the stand-alone films are Yoda, Han Solo, Boba Fett or Young Princess Leia.
This shooting schedule typically means that films will over lap over the next few years, with multiple projects running at the same time, and being written at the same time.

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