FOX denies that Cleveland Show is being cancelled (for now)

Earlier reports stemming from an animation blog that claimed ‘The Cleveland Show’ was being canceled, seem to be incorrect.
Numerous news outlets picked up the reports from ‘The Animation Guild’s‘, causing fans to post questions on forums and websites asking why the show would not be renewed. A network FOX confirmed the status of the show to THR saying that no decision to cancel to show has been made at this time.
That obviously doesn’t rule out the fact that the show could be dropped from Fox’s “Animation Domination” block, but the representative stated, “Only Fox can dictate whether a show has been canceled.” The Cleveland Show is a ‘Family Guy’ spinoff created by Seth MacFarlane and is currently in its fourth season on FOX. The network has renewed Family Guy (11th season) and American Dad (eighth season) and Bob’s Burger’s (fourth season). It is most likely the lack of an official announcement at this point for the Cleveland Show is causing the reports.

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