Microsoft rolls out two-step verification for accounts

As spotted late last month, Microsoft has released the new two-step verification method for Microsoft accounts.
The new service will allow customer to add a second form of security for accounts like, Messenger and SkyDrive, or to sync settings between their devices. Two-step verification is extremely recommended by security analysts and companies. This stops people from accessing your account info online, even if they have your name and password.
Once downloaded and enabled, users will enter their username and password like always, but a temporary code will be sent to the authenticator app on your phone or tablet. You will need that code In conjunction with your username and password.
The app will “trust your computer” or any computer you access using the code. It will trust each device for 60 Days so you don’t have to enter the code every-time you log-in. If you don’t log-in within 60 days, you simply use the code generator again.
This means that anyone who would want to access your account would also need your phone or tablet. Keeping your data secure. The application will be available to everyone with the next few days.

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