Stacksocial offers 10 Mac apps at ‘name your own price’ all for charity

Stacksocial has an interesting bundle that Mac owners should check out. The bundle includes 10 third party applications that can be yours for just a small donation to any of the three well known charities.
The bundles have been around before and Stacksocial has a great history of raising a lot funding for charities in need. There are some apps worth checking out as well. Crossover and Gemini are the largets on the list, Cross-Over being a virtual machine for Windows application (perfect for gamers) and Gemini searches for duplicate files. Disktools pro and Photobulk are also some very handy apps that many Mac users would probably enjoy.
The 10 application is the are bundle includes:

  • DiskTools Pro: hard drive utility
  • CrossOver 12: Windows Virtual Machine
  • Snapz Pro X: video recording software.
  • Paperless: Documents organizer
  • Mac Blu-Ray Player: A Blu-Ray player (duh).
  • Gemini: Searches for duplicate files on your Mac.
  • Musictube:  YouTube music player software.
  • HoudahSpot: File search software
  • Elmedia Player Pro: Video player that allows users to download streaming video.
  • PhotoBulk: Photoeditor, optimizer, and watermarker  imprints in bulk.

You can pay any price you want, but if you beat the average price ($7.25) when I donated, then you get all 10.
more info: stacksoical

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