Samsung finally outlines Galaxy S4 release dates and pricing for US carriers

A few weeks after the initial reveal, it seems Samsung and mobile carriers have finally come around to set a date for consumers to pick up their new Galaxy S4 phones.
There are a few important details that were shared today for both Sprint an T-Mobile customers. Both of these carries will of course carry the new phone, and both are selling it for $150 with a few stipulations. Sprint is giving customers a $100 instant credit, bringing the the original price from $250 to $150. T-Mobile is sticking to their new ‘installment plan’ with the Galaxy S4, but will also reduced the total cost to $150.
Sprint will start pre-orders on April 18th and the phone will be released on April 27th. T-Mobile isn’t doing a pre-order method for the phone, but you will be able to buy one on the 24th instead of the 27th. As for the other carriers, they are dragging their feet with the release schedule and the pricing structure.
Customers will be able to pick up the phone from retailers like Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile, Costco, Radio Shack, Sam’s Club, Staples, Target and Wal-Mart. The color options include “Black Mist” and “White Frost,” and all seven US carriers are expected to have the phone available by the end of the month.

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