Apple updates Safari and Java with security improvements and features

Mac OS X users should check to see if they have any updates available, Apple has pushed out quite a few updates for users, including some changes to how Java and Safari operate.
The security update went live earlier today and focuses on Safari and Java. On the Safari side of the update, the browser will be update to Safari 6.04 for OS X Mountain Lion users and Lion users. Safari will update to version 5.1.9 for OS X Snow Leopard. The updates add a site-by-site option for enabling and managing the Java plug-in.
This means that users can grant each website that they feel is secure access to enable the Java web plug-in if they choose to do so. There are four setting to choose from when enabling this function. We will link you the exact document below for those details.
Apple also updated to Java 6 for (OS X 2013-003), (OS X Mountain Lion and Lion) and Java for Mac (OS X 10.6 Update 15 for OS X Snow Leopard users). This will allow your computer to run Java 6 version 45, which is the latest software available from Oracle. For the future Java 7 updates, users will have to go through Oracle directly.
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