Spicy Horse wants your input for Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter

It’s not every day that a game-developer turns to fans directly to get input on marketing decisions, and with how developers and publishers have been operating lately, you should jump at the chance to voice your opinion.
That is the story with Spicy Horse games, who are considering starting a Kickstarter in the coming months for their would-br title ‘Alice: Otherlands’. Spicy Horse has been very busy since they left ‘Alice: Madness Returns’. The company has been putting out some robust mobile and PC titles, while fans eagerly await news of a new Alice game. This is your chance to help make one happen. The developers have started a Facebook page in order to get the ball-rolling, and to get some input to gauge whether fans are ready for a new Alice game.
You can hit up the Facebook page below, and voice your opinion. Spicy Horse games is considering a July launch for kickstarter, which we feel would be fantastic, since we are all giant Alice fans ourselves.
more info: facebook

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