Bethesda teases a new game, and the only thing we know is that it’s not Fallout

Just a few days after Bethesda Softworks confirms that they will stop producing DLC for ‘Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’, the publisher starts teasing a new game.
The new game is a mystery, with a mystery announcement shared on Vine (which we will share below) and shows what looks like barbed wire and sheet music. Some of that music includes Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Air on the G-String.” The only other thing we know is that Bethesda did confirmed it was not Fallout related. When a fan said to Bethesda on Twitter, “hey @dcdeacon it’s not fair to tease me with potential fallout s***. my heart can only take so much”. The company responded, “@aegies You talking about the Vine thing? Guess again :-)”.

We will keep you updated on the mystery game’s progression.

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