iOS devices to get Facebook chat heads with incoming update

Facebook Home may only be available for Android devices, but the chat heads feature will soon be coming to Apple’s iOS systems later this week.
The update is expected to come at as quickly as today, though there is no confirmation from Apple how quickly it will roll out the new update. Facebook talked about the new chat heads feature during the Facebook Home announcement earlier this month. The chat UI will have your friends profile pictures in tiny bubbles on your screen, and you can organize them and interact with them as you like.
You can click on a head and start chatting, or drag them to the bottom to clear them out of the way. This isn’t as expansive as the Facebook Home integration for Android, which allows users to use Facebook as their home screen, layering the UI over the traditional Android operating system.
Keith Schroepfer, CTO and VP of engineering spoke at the D: Dive Into Mobile and announced that the iOS app update will come out this week.

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