From sexy swimsuits to grumpy cat face, Alison Brie is the internet’s princess

It’s almost impossible to find a spot on the internet where people speak ill of television star Allison Brie.
The Mad Men and Community Star has spent last few weeks filling the internet with both sexy shots from her shoot with “Esquire”, to mimicking the internet’s favorite memes. There are webpages devoted to her, and an entire subreddit honoring her antics (with 20,084 members when this article was written). Most recently the actor took a moment on MadeManDotCom where she recreated some of today’s most popular internet memes. Even with her best attempt to be unflattering, it’s hard not to love everything about Alison Brie.

There is Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend and more, all reenacted for internet use and ready to become a .gif in your life. Brie created ‘Alison Brie Creates Unsexy .Gifs’ which seems to be her own tongue-in-cheek way of dealing with her internet popularity.
Image Source: Esquire / Miko Lim / via:

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