Twitter reportedly in talks with Viacom and NBC to show videos on service

Twitter is already on the verge of launching a new music service and now it appears that the social-media giant is aiming to pick up video distribution as well.
Reports from Bloomberg indicate that Twitter is “close” to finalizing a deal that will allow the service to host and distribute media clips within users timelines. The goal of this would be to allow Twitter to assign advertising slots alongside those clips.
This would fit into the new direction that Twitter has taken lately. Twitter has been incorporating more and more media within it’s service to allow content creators, publishers and retailers more direct interaction with customers. Also included in the reports are a timeline, which points to Twitter rolling-out the first deals later this month.
It should also be pointed out that Twitter recently acquired the marketing analyst group ‘Bluefin’. That service tracks, analyzes and helps forecast consumer trends surrounding television shows. A service that seems to fit too perfectly with the new reports.

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