Google Glass APIs now available, products leave production as developers start coding

Google Glass has attracted a lot of buzz, and since Google’s presentation at SXSW developers and customers have been eager to test out the new device.
Today (Monday) Google has released the ‘Google Mirror API’, using these APIs developer’s can begin developing software and apps for the highly anticipated device. The applications will be called ‘Glassware’ and the will work with Google Glass through a cloud-based API system. This will allow these web-based applications to run on the hardware without any code.
Menu items, notifications, timeline cards and contact management are just a few of the APIs key features. There is even a ‘Getting Started Guide’ that was released from Google, in order to get developers started on the right foot. There a ton of new documents for eager developers to start combing through in order to get the best apps prepared for the eventual launch day.
Early Glass Explorers, or developers that signed up to test out Google Glass at Google I/O Event, received an email that the first units have left production and are on their way.
more info: google

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