Netflix will leave Silverlight plugin behind for HTML 5

Microsoft confirmed earlier that support for the ‘Silverlight’ video plugin will cease, Netflix has decided it will have to move on.
Netflix has been using Silverlight to stream movies, TV shows and trailers to devices all over the world since 2008. Netflix made the announcment on its official blog, stating, “We’ve been working with Google to implement support for the HTML5 Premium Video Extensions in the Chrome browser, and we’ve just started using this technology on the Samsung ARM-Based Chromebook. Our player on this Chromebook device uses the Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions to adaptively stream protected content”.
There is still a lot of testing, security testing and quality assurance that HTML 5 plugins have to go through, but Netflix is on the case. Soon Silverlight will be a relic, of video-players of old.

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