Dell opens pre-orders for Dell XPS 18 a little early

When you are writing about pre-orders, there is no better announcement then stating they are available earlier than expected.
That is the case with the new Dell XPS 18, which became available to pre-order one-day ahead of schedule. The machine is a hybrid of popular devices, much larger than a tablet but can serve as a portable desktop at the same time. The devices will hit stores and doorsteps in May but you can reserve yours now.
Customers have three configuration choices to pick from on the Dell website. The least expesive model comes in at only $899 with a Pentium processor and a 320GB hard drive. The next level option have a Core i3 and Core i5 chip and cost $1,000 or $1,350 respectively.The device has a fantastic 1080 touch-display and can easily turn from tablet-ish device to desktop mode with just a flick-open of the foldable stands.
You can check out more pictures and read all of the stats on the device on the Dell website below.
more info: dell

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