First footage of Dexter Season 8 hits the net

Up until this point, Showtime has only released a few teaser trailers from the upcoming season of ‘Dexter’. Now you can get your first look at the upcoming scenes.
This is the first time any footage of season 8 has been show, Showtime uploaded the video earlier this afternoon. The new promotional video shows Dexter as he faces some of his biggest challenges to date. The season is expected to begin this summer, will be the last of the long-running series. How showtime will deal with the ultimate fate of Dexter has been a topic since the beginning of Season 7. One thing is for sure, the new season will be filled with surprises and terrifyingly close-calls from the swarms of people involved in Dexter’s life. Don’t miss Dexter and Ray Donovan on June 30, 2013 beginning at 9PM ET/PT.

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