Microsoft is latest company reported to join Smart Watch race

So far this year Apple, Google and Samsung have been reportedly researching Smart Watch designs, the latest company added to that list is Microsoft itself.
Coming from reports at The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft seems to be developing “designs for a touch-enabled watch device.” This from unnamed sources close to the project. The news shouldn’t be too surprising to tech-fans, if the rumors of Apple and Google entering the watch-race are true, Microsoft will need to quickly have a comparable product to release to consumers before missing the trend.
The WSJ reports that Microsoft is in talks with suppliers to ship components needed, and met with a supplier from the research and development team to discuss future plans and actions on the project. This actually won’t be Microsoft’s first attempt at the device, though the first attempt is easily forgotten. In 2004 Microsoft created Smart Personal Object Technology (or SPOT as it was nicknamed). This was going to be developed into a number of products, including watches, but the plan died out after just 4 years.
There have been so many rumors up until this point that it’s really anyones guess on what the final designes will be. Recent reports by the NYT has Apple developing “wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass.” While reports from the Financial Times has Google working on a device that will “act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system.” As you can see all reports are quite similar and quite vague. There seems to be little doubt that smart watches are on the horizon, who will be the first and if they will be successful is yet to be determined.

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