The MTV Movie Awards aren’t exactly known for their formal preceding or strict rules of behavior, but that doesn’t mean they won’t exercise their right to toss out a stage-crasher.
Last night when comedian Will Ferrell was accepting his “Comedic Genius Award”, Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) decided to jump on stage and attempted to steal Ferrell’s award (assumably in good fun). It was at this time that Ferrell stated, “What’s happening? Are you OK?” though even Ferrell seemed to be confused by Plaza’s antics.
Plaza’s response was a simple (“yup”) and then returned to her seat, it was at this time that the world could see a giant Twitter hashtag written in black marker under her collarbone stating “#TheToDoList”. This would be a small marketing ploy for her upcoming film ‘The To Do List’ which is set to premier this August.

Ferrel didn’t seem to miss a beat stating, “Aubrey Plaza everyone, just like we rehearsed it,” in a funny, yet sarcastic tone of voice. MTV didn’t find it as funny, they had Plaza removed by security during the next commercial break. From outside the ceremony she tweeted: “thanks for the advice @kanyewest went better than planned!”