From socks to seeds and peels to leaves, Hong Yi is an artist unlike any other

Hong Yi, a Malaysian artist-architect that goes by the nickname ‘Red’, is an artist that is quickly mastering almost every medium that she comes across.
Her materials are unconventional, often times temporary, but always brilliantly crafted into stunning works. Born and raised in Malaysia Red later attended a university in Australia, where she would soon find work at an architecture firm located in Shanghai. A special city to Red, it was the home of her grandparents until the ’60s, it was at that time they would ultimately move to Malaysia. It was here that Red began experimenting with very unique materials in her work.
Below is a small example of Red’s recent work with food. All the materials used are completely edible. It’s just one of the latest avenues that the artist has begun to explore. Her previous works includes so many great works, in a much larger scale, and shouldn’t be missed.
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Red has been featured in media sites and publications across the globe, including some very large outlets here in the states. Throughout her success she is in constant contact with fans of her work, answering emails, sharing experiences on Instagram, Facebook and other popular social-media sites. Red is constantly sharing new and interesting ideas and updating fans on new projects throughout many different sites. I’ve included a few of the more popular sharing outlets of Hong Yi’s below, and I couldn’t recommend strongly enough that you explore them.
more info: ohiseered(blog), portfolio Instagram: redhongyi, Facebook
images published with permission from artist

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