If you were not lucky enough to get into the ‘Elder Scrolls: Online’ beta yet, but really want to know how the games has been coming along, there’s a video you should see.
While breaking the NDA for the beta, and probably annoying a lot of people at Bethesda, someone has uploaded almost 20 minutes of footage from the game. In this video you can check out the character creation, view the 9 playable races that are being offered, and view the (Dragonknight, Sorcerer, and Templar). In the video the character ‘Worst Youtube’ pretty much creates a character and rund around the restricted map showing off whatever he/she can.
There’s no telling how long the video will stay up on YouTube, but it has been online all morning at this point. You can check out the skills, UI and a lot of combat in the video as well. Mostly it is just running around though. It should be noted that this is an early build of the game and not at all a positive indication of the final development stage that retail will see.