Microsoft adds Xbox SmartGlass support for 10″ tablets

Up until this week, Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass on the Android platform was unable to perform properly on larger tablets. Now those days are over.
Jumping from 7″ tablets to larger 10″ tabletes, Xbox SmartGlass can now be the interactive screen that you were hoping to try out. A recent update to the application released this week will allow large tablets to properly use the application on Android.
There are a few restrictions of course, your device will need to be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. Previous versions are not supported by the application. Customers who upgrade the application will also notice ‘Activity Browser Link’, which allows you to open your browser while still inside the application. A handy tool indeed.

Expanded Messaging will allow you to exchange messages with other Xbox LIVE friends inside the application as well. Making the SmartGlass application an even better experience. Setting your system to ‘Awake’ will also prevent your device from entering standby or ‘sleep’ mode while running the application, one of the requested features from gamers.

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