New Psy video ‘Gentleman’ now on YouTube, a long road before topping Gangnam

The South Korean artist Psy had one of the most popular music videos of all time when ‘Gangham Style’ reached international fame last year. Now everyone can check out his follow-up with ‘Gentleman’.
With over 1.5 billion views and still climbing, the original music video destroyed previous records. Psy’s new song named ‘Gentleman’ has just been released to YouTube, but many wonder if the single could surpass his original record. It’s hard to deny that the new song has a few catchy moments, and the Korean/English style that made ‘Gangham Style’ so popular is present in the new track as well.
“Gentleman” was released early Saturday morning and it is already rocketing across the globe as fans and critics alike wait to compare the new track to the original song. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the video above, which features many of the simple ingredients that made Psy’s original song such a global sensation.

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