Verizon Wireless is set to issue a number of policy changes going into effect the next few days, and we’re here to bring you as much info as we can on these changes.
First off is some news regarding the New Every Two program, which was cancelled in January of 2011. You may want to act upon your NE2 credits, as they will now expire on April 15th. So for those who have been hanging onto these credits for the past two years, please use them if you can!
Next, starting on April 21st, Verizon will be moving to official 24 month upgrade cycles. In the past, you were allowed to upgrade your phone a full four months before your 2 year contract expired. No more. Under the new policy, if you happen to have a contract that expires by January 2014 (or an eligible upgrade on September 1st, 2013) your upgrade date will still be honored. Those with a later cycle will be rolled in to the new 24 month upgrade.
Finally, upgrade transfers will no longer be permitted across different devices, only between phones. In the past if you had one device that was eligible for an upgrade (say, a tablet), you could transfer that over to a phone and upgrade your phone sooner. This will not be permitted anymore.
As someone who has worked in customer service before, I wanted to also pass along this from Droid Life: “As a reminder, this is not a time to call in and make the lives of customer services reps a living hell. These folks are not the ones making policy changes. Should you call to inquire about any of this info, attempt to be civil.”
Please take that final suggestion into consideration. It’s not going to help anyone if people call up CS reps and act like an ass, demanding free phones or something silly like that.
source | droid life