Final Fantasy XIV shows off Magitek Armor in new video

Square Enix has released a short but interesting trailer for the upcoming MMO ‘Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’. The trailer shows a new mount that is made for battle trudging through the snow.
In the trailer you can see what seems to be Final Fantasy VI’s ‘Terra’ riding a mobile-tank machine through the snow-laden fields. Not only does the character look like Terra, but the music is similar as well. The game is still in it’s “first phase” of beta testing, with a second phase expected to begin in a few weeks. Interested players can still sign-up for the beta for the PS3 or PC version of the game.
In June the PS3 beta is scheduled to begin, though that date has been pushed back so many times that at this point you shouldn’t count on any information until the day it actually starts.

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