Facebook adds product links and businesses to status updates, and emoticons

Facebook has been busy adding new services and options to user’s status updates. Earlier this week the company rolled-out emoticons for users, now you can specify exactly what products you are using.
With a simple status update you can now link what book you are reading, where you are eating, what you are watching and more. You could have simply wrote this in the past, but now you can link others to the official pages, so that they can enjoy the same products as you.
As you can imagine this is terrific for advertisers, since they don’t have to pay for it….yet. Soon we will all be kinking to our favorite movie’s pages, timelines and social-pages so that all of our friends can be kept up to speed on our day-to-day lives. As Facebook states on the official update blog, “These updates, and the stories added to your timeline, respect the privacy settings you choose for your post. We’ll continue rolling this out to people in the U.S. in the coming weeks. Learn more in the Help Center”.
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