Vaughan apologizes for claiming Apple banned ‘Saga’ for comic’s content

This is what happens when you start throwing accusations around on social-media outlets before you get your facts straight. After almost every news outlet and media site wrote an article about how Apple banned comic ‘Saga #12’ for either gay or overt sexual-content, it turns out that the content had nothing to do with it.
Yesterday Image Comics stated that Brian K. Vaughan’s comic ‘Saga’ issue #12 was removed from the Apple App store because of explicit sexual content, in this case gay sexual content. This created a media firestorm with gay-rights supporters who felt that Apple was not being fair. The real reason for the ban was a misinterpretation of Apple’s guidelines. It had nothing to do with sexual, or gay content.
Now the issue in question will return to the Apple App store, Vaughan has issued an apology on the matter. The Verge posted the following statement from Vaughan:
“I wanted to apologize to everyone for this entire Saga #12 kerfuffle. Yesterday, I was mistakenly led to believe that this issue was solely with Apple, but it’s now clear that it was only ever Comixology too conservatively interpreting Apple’s rules. I’m truly sorry. I never thought either company was being homophobic, only weirdly inconsistent about what kind of adult material was permissible. I’m grateful that the situation was cleared up so quickly, and I’m delighted I can go back to reading smutty comics on my Retina Display iPad”.
Apple has not responded, nor made any initial comments on the matter. Which in the end turned out to be the best call.

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