DC Universe announces 7th DLC expansion ‘Origin Crisis’, new power Quantum

A new DLC expansion has been announced for Sony Online Entertainment’s MMO ‘DC Universe Online’. Here are the new details on the DLC.
Origin Crisis marks DCUO’s seventh downloadable content pack. The new content will focus on new high-level multiplayer and solo adventures, while sending players battling through time and alternate realities. Players will either work with Batman or Lex Luthor “as they attempt to save or alter the origins of important Heroes and Villains”. Origin Crisis will also introduce DCUO’s newest power set ‘Quantum’. The new DLC is scheduled to launch in May for both the PC and PS3.
“It is really interesting to explore ‘what if’ scenarios, and we cannot wait for our players to experience the twists Origin Crisis will introduce to the story in DCUO,” said Jens Andersen, Creative Director, DC Universe Online. “In this DLC, players will travel through time to play out alternate histories and futures. What would happen to Metropolis if Superman worked for Lex Luthor? What if Bruce Wayne became an evil assassin instead of a vigilante? These are the stories and realities that the players will experience and influence.”
Origin Crisis offers players a fresh narrative with increased thrills and dangers. Brainiac has been defeated, but the war is not over. This new chapter will offer Heroes and Villains an array of adventures through new Raids and Operations as Future Lex Luthor and Future Batman wage a war through time and the very fabric of reality. The two will muster their forces in an attempt to change foundational events in the lives of iconic characters and alter their futures. As the story unfolds, players will have access to an assortment of new multiplayer adventures and solo simulations.
Origin Crisis will feature:

  • New Quantum Controller Power Set – Manipulate time, control gravity and twist the very fabric of space itself!
  • Two challenging new Raids
  • Two new Hero Origin Operations
  • Two new Villain Origin Operations
  • Iconic Anomalies – Two new Solo Simulation Challenges
  • New Gear, including Tier 5 PvE Gear and new Iconic-inspired Gear
  • New Feats, Collections and Trophies


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