In the ongoing mobile-wars of our generation, AT&T is rushing to complete 4G LTE coverage on its network in 16 new cities.
This morning AT&T announced 16 new cities that will carry new LTE coverage, our Manhattan home was also on that list, as well as the greater New York area. “Manhattan enjoys AT&T’s fast 4G speeds today as part of the nation’s largest 4G network, and our teams will be working hard across the city toward our upcoming 4G LTE launch,” said AT&T Kansas President Steve Hahn . “AT&T customers in Manhattan can look forward to even faster speeds by the end of the summer, on our leading lineup of smartphones, tablets and other devices.”
The expansion is world-wide, though in North America you can expect major cities from Huntsville to Cape Cod to begin getting the new service by the end of the summer. AT&T will be sending emails and mail-inserts to let customers know if their city is one of the new locations to have LTE speeds by this summer’s end.
16 cites planned for upgrade include (Monroeville, AL; Evergreen, AL; Tuscaloose, AL; Chico, CA; Dover, DE; Jefferson, CA; Commerce, GA; Columbus, IN; Manhattan, KS; Gulfport, MS, Biloxi, MS; Asheville, NC; Batavia, NY; Seneca Falls, NY; Athens, TX; LAredo, TX; Paris, TX; Rio Grande Valley, TX; Laramie, WY; San Rafael, Pittsburg, Antioch, Livermore, Brentwood and Novato, CA; Kalamazoo, MI; Rockingham County and Reidsville, KY and Wilson, NC).