Sony details PS Vita update v.2.10

A new software update for the PS Vita brings with it a list of new features and new UI improvements. Here are the details on everything that’s new with update.
Sony uploaded the video above to help demonstrate some of the new UI features that are enabled with the update. This includes streamlining the ‘folders’ that are now available to help you organize your digital media. Users will be able to store up to 10 games or apps in each folder, and scroll through folders using the touch screen. Video playback through the built-in web browser has had a few tweaks as well as some general stability improvements and bug fixes.
There is also no limit on the amount of PSN messages you can send at once, so you are free to send a message to all of your PSN list. You can send emails to more than one contact, search the body of an email, show HTML in the email, zoom in on Photos in HD and upload saved games via 3G.

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