Apple adds refurbished iMacs to store, starts at $1,529

If you have been eyeing the new ultra-thin, very powerful iMac from Apple but was hoping for a new price-cut, then you should check out the Apple store today.
Apple has always had a refurbished line, though it usually consists of only older models. Now the brand new iMacs have been added to the online store but only while they last. Customers can save over $250 if they pick the refurbished model over the ‘brand new’ version.
Many of the models come with 8GB RAM standard, the i5 2.9GHz Core and a 1TB HDD. Of course that brilliant, ultra-thin 2560 x 1440 display is included as well. You can even get higher-end models with better processors and hardware for just a few hundred dollars more. Apple offers a one-year warranty for anyone that buys refurbished, and their refurbished process is considered to have some of the strictest standards on the market and comes very highly recommended by many in the industry. You can check out all the savings and options on the official Apple store below.
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