Let the war begin, powerful opinions have been voiced over the free to watch ‘Aereo’ service. News Corp is now threatening to move FOX from a free service, to a ‘subscription only’ model in defiance of recent proceedings.
If the Aereo service is allowed to freely stream broadcasted content, as it has been in the past; then FOX will no longer be a free to watch broadcasted service. Comments from News Corp COO Chase Carey, reported by Bloomberg, have been published online. Those comments include the statement that all FOX affiliates and FOX itself, will move to cable if nothing is changed.
“We need to be able to be fairly compensated for our content,” Carey told executives. “This is not an ideal path we look to pursue, but we can’t sit idly by and let an entity steal our signal. We will move to a subscription model if that’s our only recourse.”
Aereo is defending itself in courts from a a series of lawsuits, last week an appeals court deemed that it was free to continue operating until a decision was made on its legal status.