Skyrim updates to 1.9 on Xbox 360 and PS3 today, adding Legendary Skills

Bethesda has announced that its popular open-world title ‘The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ can now be update to 1.9. Here are the details regarding the patch.
The patch will be available to both consoles by the end of day, and will be an automatic update for PS3 users with PSN+ (if you have that feature enabled). There are two main points that this update adds, a new set of Legendary Skills and the new Legendary difficult setting. Legendary Skills allow skills of 100 can be made Legendary. This will reset the skill to 15, return its Perks and allow the skill to affect leveling again. This effectively removes the overall level cap.
Other than those two large features, there is also a few dozen smaller bug-fixes and stbility improvements that are included in the update. You can check out the official list of bug fixes on Bethesda’s website below.
more info: bethesda

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