Positively Viral: Child fighting brain cancer scores at the 2013 Nebraska Spring Game

Some videos are ment to be shared, rejoiced and inspire. The latest of these videos is of tiny Jack Hoffman, a child fighting brain cancer, who got to run over 50 yards to help Nebraska score.
During the University of Nebraska’s spring football game, Jack lined-up with his teammates and ran 69 yards to put up 6 on the boards. He was followed by all members of both teams who cheered, and lifted Hoffman up off the field to some of the loudest cheers that the stadium has probably ever heard.
Hoffman’s father spoke with the Associated Press about the boy’s two-year fight with brain cancer. Although the child is undergoing chemotherapy, he is currently on a break from the treatment, and was able to participate in the game. The video above was uploaded onto the Huskers YouTube page, where it was then appropriately shared with the world.
more info: AP

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