Facebook Home Security Concerns Addressed

Sooooooo….Facebook Home looks cool, but how secure is it? Who can track what I do? Will Zuck sit on his couch with a bowl of popcorn while browsing through all my secure data?
As silly as some of these questions may sound, these are a genuine concern for many people, specifically those who are more privacy-minded and don’t have the utmost trust in Facebook…especially recently.
Facebook Home will bring a great deal of information directly to your phone’s homescreen, but at what cost? It seems that Facebook has heard the grumblings and released a blog post addressing these concerns. Some highlights include:
– You can use Facebook without using Facebook Home
– Facebook Home is just another app you install from Google Play. You can uninstall it at any time.
– Facebook Home collects your Facebook activity, location, Facebook messages, and the apps in your Home app launcher. This data is user-identifiable for 90 days.
– Facebook can not collect any data outside of the Home app, unless you use the HTC First; then it can track what apps generate notifications, but not the content of the notification.
In addition, Zuckerberg has stated that data collected via the use of Home “are made anonymous and used for half a percent of the user base,” which he pointed out is the same as Google and Apple. From the Newsroom post regarding how much data is actually collected:

“Like other parts of Facebook, Home collects information when you interact with the service, such as liking or commenting on a post or sending a message. Home also may collect other information about how you use it. For example, Facebook maintains a list of the apps that you have in the Home app launcher. We store this information in identifiable form for 90 days and use it to provide the service and improve how it works.
For devices that come with Home pre-installed, Home can display system notifications, meaning that it will show notifications from apps on your phone. Since these notifications appear in Home, Facebook collects information about the notification (such as which app is generating them) but not the content of the notification itself. We remove identifying information from this data after 90 days.”

source | facebook newsroom

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