Sony’s new 4K resolution TVs made quite a stir at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Now it seems that Sony is in talks to broadcast one of the largest sporting events in the world in stunning 4K resolution.
This year’s FIFA World Cup 2014 takes place in Brazil, who not only sports one of the best teams, is sure to drum up excitement of their own by hosting the games. For those of you that are new to 4K resolution, it’s even more clear than HD resolution and has been given the name ‘Ultra-HD’ by many in the field.
4K refers to the horizontal resolution, which clocks in at over 4,000 pixels and is 4x the resolution of standard HD that you may have in your home. Sony has spent the last few years broadcasting its sporting events in 3D (including last year’s FIFA World Cup) but as the 3D hype fades, it looks like Sony has put more backing behind 4K TVs going forward.
The World Cup won’t begin until Jun 12, 2014 but Sony may begin testing out 4K broadcasting long before that, starting with the ‘2013 All England Lawn Tennis Club’ which plays host to Wimbledon. We already know that some of the Wimbledon broadcast will be in 3D, Sony has already confirmed this, but adding 4K resolution hasn’t been confirmed yet. You can do both, 4K 3D is possible and would actually improve the visuals at a consumer level.
The 2014 FIFA World Cup could also be Sony’s last chance at to capture fans at event, since 2014 marks the end of the eight-year contract that Sony arranged with the sports league. State-side 4K cameras are already in action, though as a testing ground, by Fox Sports and ESPN.