Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn closed beta phase 2 begins, PS3 beta this summer

Square Enix’s much delayed, restarted and rebranded MMO ‘Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn’ has just began the second phase in the game’s closed-beta phase.
Though still in ‘closed-beta’ fans can still sign up to be a part of the beta process, which is expected to last until late summer 2013. The second phase will see events take place on the weekends of April. Players “will be able to explore the rich forest environments of the city state of Gridania, with new features such as PC gamepad support and personal Chocobo mounts, as well as brand new Full Active Time Events” according to Square Enix.
If you are still waiting for the PS3 version of the game, “the PS3 version and a huge amount of new content and environments to explore arriving with beta phase 3 later this summer, so keep an eye out for more news and announcements in the coming weeks” states Square Enix.
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