Roger Ebert dies at 70

The Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic, and one-half of the most famous critic duos of all time, Roger Ebert has passed away.
Ebert had been suffering from his long-time battle with cancer when he passes away earlier today. Ebert was 70 years old when he passed, the news of his death comes shortly after Ebert announced that he was taking a ‘leave of presence’ from the job he performed for more than 40 years, a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times.
His battle with cancer led him to seek radiation therapy, constant trips to the hospital and numerous medical procedures over the years. Ebert was known not only for his strong opinions on films, but politics as well. Aside from winning a Pulitzer Prize, Ebert was also a screenwriter and a successful author.
Ebert was a strong critic of the video-game art debate. Though he had strong opinions on the matter at first, he later reflected on his decision to make those remarks public saying, “I still believe this, but I should never have said so. Some opinions are best kept to yourself”.
source: chicagosun-times

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