Universal Music signs new deal with YouTube to increase audience base

Already playing a major role in how music is accessed all over the globe, YouTube has just signed a deal that will make it an even more formidable force within the music community.
According to reports from Music Weekly, both Universal Music Publishing and France’s Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM) have signed a deal with the video streaming service and Google cash-cow, YouTube.
This new agreement will allow YouTube to legally distribute music published by either SACEM and Universal to 127 new countries spanning from Europe to Asia, allowing YouTube to become an officially ranked factor in the popularity of music and an official distributor, not just a social-media outlet.
SACEM CEO Jean-Noël Tron stated, “This contract bears witness to our commitment to increasing both the visibility of works and the remuneration of our members, and of those of our partner UMP, with a major internet service, YouTube, the number one vector for discovering works on the internet”. This statement was also reflected by Universal Music Publishing’s CEO Zach Horowitz who said, “the digital market can only flourish if creators receive fair remuneration delivered through efficient and innovative licensing solutions”.
YouTube has seen tremendous success with its role in the music industry, after the company signed with Vevo (co-owned and operated by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment) YouTube itself has been accused of encroaching on album sales because of how easy it is to listen to artist’s music for free on a any device.
more info: musicweekly

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