Multiplayer is the focus of the Diablo III 1.0.8 update

The teams behind Diablo III have released a new update for players to download, this one focuses on the multiplayer elements of the popular dungeon crawler.
The new system helps players find others who are looking for similar objectives. Keywarden, Full Act Clear and Questing have been added to help players identify their needs to others with the use of ‘tags’. If you participate in the multilayer, you will also be rewarded with special boons. These bonuses included Magic Find+, Gold Find+ and extra XP.
There will also be a new system for how enemy health is determined. Originally monsters gained a 70% increase in health per team-member, now they will only gat a 50% bonus. There will also be special notifications on the map during co-op to help players find each other in times of need. The center of the update makes multiplayer a bit more enjoyable, and rewardable, then previous versions of the game. You can check out the official details on the company’s website below.
more info: battlenet

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