Jimmy Fallon gets the Tonight Show, Seth Meyers gets Late Night

Soon all of your television talk shows will be hosted by former Saturday Night Live actors. The reports are in that Jimmy Fallon has officially signed with NBC to replace Jay Leno as the new host of The Tonight Show.
The reports stem from THR, which states that the plan was set in motion weeks ago, confirming earlier reports and bringing some actuality to the latest skit between Jay and Jimmy (below). There is no exact date for the move, though more details and an avalanche of promotions and advertising will surely take over NBC in the near future.

Odds are no changes will take place until at least September of this year. Leno’s official contract for the ‘Tonight Show’ will end at that time. There are no exact dates because NBC has not officially announced the change. As for Seth Meyers joining the NBC cast at the Late Show, a source at THR states, “It will be Seth unless something goes awry”.
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