The War Z temporarily shuts down after customer information is compromised

The zombie-survival title ‘The War Z’ is temporarily unavailable to players, following a breach of security on the customer information databases.
This comes via the ‘The War Z: Forums’ where a note to players from the publisher, OP Productions, warns players that some information may have been compromised. The message states, “We are sorry to report that we have discovered that hackers gained access to our forum and game databases and the player data in those databases”. The company has “launched a thorough investigation” though the full details of what has been accessed is not known at this time.
What is known is that as “part of the remediation and security enhancement process” the game, and the forums, have been taken down until further notice. Payment information seems to be safe, as it was stored, and accessed by a third-party. Information like “email addresses used to log-in to the forum” and “forum passwords”, though encrypted, may have been stolen and accessed.
The company stated that, “We do not collect the names or addresses of our gamers so that information was not impacted” but reminds players that if they posted that information on the forum, it may have been accessed at this time. If you used an email address on the forums that has access to other sites, or sensitive data, you should be cautious. The note states, “We encrypt all passwords. However, there is a possibility that simple passwords can be obtained using brute force even if they are encrypted. Our research shows that many users are not using strong passwords”.
You can read the official note to users below, be sure to stay abreast of the situation by following the blog page carefully after you reset your passwords for anything linked to your email.
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