Warner Archive Instant brings classic television and movies to new audiences

There are over a dozen ways you can stream current television shows and movies to your mobile devices and PCs, but Warner Bros. wants you to remember that it has one of the most impressive digital libraries of yesteryear.
The new ‘Warner Archive Instant’ is a new subscription service that allows viewers to check out Warner Bros. classic television and movies from the company’s impressive library. These movies include classics from studios like MGM, RKO, and Allied Artists with the promise of more digital-content to be added in the future. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month but there is a two week free trial available for those of you that would like to test out the servie before committing.
Although some titles are in HD, not all have been remastered at this time. Viewers will have the options of watching them on PC and Mac or your Roku device. You can check out selected highlighted suggestions and browse the available titles by checking out the official website for ‘Warner Archive Instant’ below.
more info: warner.archive.instant

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