You don’t have to be in New York to experience the Tribeca Film Festival

New York City is our home, sometimes we take for granted the fact that we can experience all of the wonderful events and occasions that our dear city has to offer. Luckily the teams behind the ‘Tribeca Film Festival’ thought to include everyone who couldn’t make it.
This year will be the fourth annual ‘Tribeca Online Festival’ and it will include the ‘Tribeca Film on VOD’ video service, which will bring the Tribeca Film Festival to your own devices. For the last 12 years the Tribeca Film Festival has graced New York City, allowing incredible films to share the spotlight and be presented to an awaiting audience. This year it will also include the #6SECFILMS Vine competition, which allows aspiring filmmakers a chance to become part of the Festival by submitting Vine videos (more on that below).
The digital VOD service offered through the Tribeca Online Festival, is the perfect way for anyone to watch exclusive content; it will also include free streaming of festival films. This year’s line-up includes ‘Alias Ruby Blade: A Story of Love and Revolution’, ‘Lil Bub & Friendz’, and ‘Farah Goes Bang’. All of these titles will be streamed after they are premiered at the NYC event, and all are free.
In the short-film category viewers can catch ‘RPG OKC’, ‘Delicacy’, ‘The Exit Room’, and ‘A Short Film About Guns’. The free content isn’t just films, viewers will be able to watch behind the scenes footage, listen in on conversations with attendees, and viewers will get a chance to watch the 2013 TFF awards show on Thursday April 25, 2013.
The Tribeca Film selections chosen for this year’s online content are ‘What Richard Did’, ‘Greetings from Tim Buckley’, ‘Fresh Meat’ and ‘The English Teacher’, viewers will have these films available ‘on-demand’ after their debut. This video service will be made available in the U.S. and Canada “through all major cable video-on-demand providers, as well as iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, VUDU, Xbox, Google Play and YouTube” according to the TFF.
The full list of feature-films that we mentioned above and their summaries, including short-films and their summaries, can be found on the official TFF website below. You can learn more about the Vine competition below as well.
more info: tff, #65secfilms
photo courtesy of tfo

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