Guild Wars 2 launches ‘Super Adventure Box’ as a retro-gaming throwback

Guild Wars 2 has continued its dedication to fans by unleashing consistant updates and new content. The latest addition to the game comes as a free, retro-themed adventure mini-game.
The whole idea of ‘Super Adventure Box’ was an April Fool’s gag, but the sudden popularity among the community has turned it into an actual mini-game thanks to the developers. The add-on is a three-level exploration in a retro-world filled with pixelated creatures, classic cartridge game music and a list of achievements to earn.
Players will travel to the 16-bit adventure world by first going to ‘Rata Sum’ which is an Asurian city where they will find ‘Moto’. The game was included in the latest update from ArenaNet and will be available from now until the end of April.
At its heart the game is a platformer, but there are new skills and weapons that you can earn (though these unlocks are only for use within ‘Super Adventure Box’). The faux-commercial above was released alongside the update.

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