Iron Man 3 tech display headed to Disneyland this April, suit up blast away

When watching any of the two previous ‘Iron Man’ films it’s hard not to imagine what you would do with a suit all of your own. You may never build one, but you can get very close to them at least and live the dream virtually.
The Tony Stark’s “Hall of Armor & more at Innoventions at Disneyland” will begin on April 13, 2013. With the film just a few weeks away, Marvel has announced that Stark’s workshop will be a new exhibit to the Innoventions section at Disneyland park in California. The suits on display will be the same suits from the film.
Included in the armory are the Iron Man suits Mark I-VII, which are the same suits featured in “Iron Man 3”. You may not be able to try them on and fly around, but Disney will allow you to virtually “suit up” with a simulation technology to “see what it’s like to operate the latest pieces of the Mark 42 Iron Man armor”. The popular “repulsor blasts” will also be part of the virtual experience according to Marvel, who announced the new exhibit earlier this week.
more info: marvel

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